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We are a new company devoted to users and patients wanting to process and use their own products.
Our names are Doc and Joe and we're just every day small town okees from Oklahoma.
Joe is our main fabricator and Doc is the idea man/old hippie and chief product tester/salesman.
We produce and sell only products that we test ourselves and are proven to do the job.

Our superior market entry product..
 OkeeTokee Rosin Press
The Portable Personal OkeeTokee Rosin Press Jr.


rosin press.
110 v @1.5 Amp.
2" X 2.5" X 3/4" Aluminum plates.
Built in thermostat.. 230 Deg. F. fixed temp setting.
Plates attatch directly to grips with bolts for ez adjustments.
1200 PSI..aprox. Adjustable to produce highest yields
Perfect for the home users pressing 1 to 1 1/2 grams at a time.
A pollen press is recomended but not required.
Easy to use for those with arthritic hands.
Truely plug n play, just 3 to 5 mins. to max temp.
Indicator light to show the plates in heating mode.
Indicator light goes off when max temp is reached.
3 times larger than exsisting press's of simalar design.
Easily transport this press wherever you go.
Completely Solventless extraction.
Comes as a complete kit.. All you need is the material to process.
More value for your hard earned money.
Click these to see it in action..
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1 OkeeTokee Rosin Press Jr.
{Extras Subject to Availability}
1 silicone rosin cup
1 dab tool
1 Heat resistant pad
A few pieces of parchment paper 4"X8"{4}
1 cooling plate
OkeeTokee sticker(s)
rosinpress1thumb.jpg Rosinpress 2
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Suggested retail @ just 200.00 + 15.00 S&H
(We will not undersell our distributors at the retail level)
Distributor discount for purchase of 5 units.
Distributor discount for purchase of 6 to 10 units
Distributor discount purchase of 11 or more units
Sorry but US sales only at this time..
PayPal or cash are preferred payments. {NO CHECKS}
No PayPal friends and family payments will be accepted.
Local pickup and delivery (within 50 miles) available from Atoka Oklahoma.
Delivery within 50 miles of Atoka.. 25.00 - McCallister/Durant
Signature will be required on ALL deliveries.. No exceptions.

OkeeTokee T-Shirt
Laser Printed
T-Shirts coming soon..
Future Products Include a Pollen Press, Silicone Dab Mats, Dab Tools, Dab Rigs, And Many More Products..

***Returns / Exchanges***
Here at OkeeTokee Products, we stand behind all the products we sell.
All products include a 1 year warranty against defect.
If your product is not working correctly, please call us immediately so we can fix the issue and get you going properly.
If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase,
we will accept returns within 30 Days for a 20% restocking fee.
Returned products“Must”be clean and clear of any signs of use and or damages to avoid additional replacement fees.
(If you dont want it but you damage it you will pay to fix or replace it).

Feel free to call during buisness hours of 10am - 6pm CST. Mon. thru Fri.

Dabs dab dabbing dabing press my rosin

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